Feeling Crafty

No comments yet from anyone! I’m going to cry!

Tonight I have an Officers’ meeting for band, but what I really want to do is sew! I’ve been on a little etsy kick recently, and I just thought up a great new product that I would like for myself, and I think would also do well on etsy.

Visit my etsy shop!

Currently featuring warm fleece scarves, and baby blankets with arms!

I’m not going to say yet what the product is… There’s already a bunch of them listed, but the market isn’t so overrun like it is with scarves. (But D, your scarves are awesome! Mine are more utilitarian, which I guess is not popular with the etsy shoppers.) I just need to get a few cool buttons…

Tomorrow I will be out of the office at TeamSite training all day. Can you sense my excitement? But… the class starts at 9:00. I usually come in at 7:00. Guess who’s sleeping in?!

Sassy Pics

I had a little photo shoot tonight and put a sassy new photo of myself on the About Me page. That replaces the picture of myself that I’ve been using since my sophomore year of college. Aww, I’m a grown-up now.

GG is dealing with the car people, so he still isn’t home yet. I wanted us to go to Margarita Monday at Zuzu (one of the Mexican restaurants we frequent), so hopefully he’ll be home before long, but it’s already almost 8:00, so I’m kind of doubting we’ll get to go anywhere. It’s okay, we certainly won’t starve.

A Blip from Work

I was trapped in a teleconference until 12:30. My ear was so hot by the time that was all over!

Luckily, that means the rest of the afternoon should go by pretty quickly, since we didn’t go to lunch until later than normal. Jess waited for me to go, which was nice of her. I was looking forward to the Baked Potato Bar they were offering (basically, a $5 potato with assorted topppings), but we both ended up getting some sort of spinach and chicken salad.

Because I now have to title and categorize my posts, I’m starting to re-think whether or not I want to write little blip posts like this.

Taxes and Dumplings

I went out yesterday morning, bought a copy of TurboTax, got all my taxes done, and dropped everything in the mail this morning! It was definitely worth the cost of the software – it made everything really easy.

When we went food shopping on Saturday, we got supplies to make my pork dumplings! My grandmother was cleaning out her kitchen last week, and gave me a little dumpling folding device, so that inspired me. I fried them all up last night, and GG and I had most of them for dinner – the rest he’ll probably take to work today for lunch. They are so good (really, try the recipe!), but you have to be careful about the oil splattering. I got splashed near my eye (I’m okay) – maybe next time I’ll wear goggles.

The Cautious Analyst

Woah. I just took that PersonalDNA test, and my results were pretty accurate! Except, funny how it suggested for me to “embrace the imaginative, creative part of [my] personality,” yet here I am with an art degree and whatnot.

Last night, in a Mate Vana-fuled burst of energy, I vacuumed the entire house, and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom (even sweeping the floors). Tonight I did laundry. How domestic! Also today, GG and I ran some errands, including a trip to the mall, where I got a super-comfy pair of shoes.

I was able to pick Ivan up tonight and held him for a while. I carried him all around upstairs, and ended up holding him on my lap for a little bit. After I put him down, he didn’t just run right away – he stopped short of the bed, and I tried giving him some treats, but he just kind of walked away. Katrina’s was following me around tonight as I did my chores. So cute! Usually they both just do their own thing, but sometimes they’re like dogs! Currently, she’s waiting for me on the bed for a snugle. She’s been patient, so I’d better get over there.

Cars and Cats

GG got his car yesterday! Except… he doesn’t own it yet. For reasons I don’t understand, the dealership has some “courtesy” service where they let you take the car even before your loan has been fully approved. And they now own his old car. I would want to wait until everything is approved and I actually own the car before I leave my old one and pick up the new one, but… I’m not the one buying a car.

Last night we went to GG’s previous drummer’s house for dinner. They have two very cool cats that they were trying to give away a while ago – actually, if GG and I had been ready for cats at that point, we probably would have taken them. Well instead, we ended up with Ivan and Katrina, and the drummer and his family still have their cats, Ben and Jerry. They’re a brother and sister, the same age as our cats. So apparently, he’s actually still trying to find them another home, because they have a 10 year old son and they just had another baby, and they feel like they don’t spend enough time playing with the cats or anything. Which is sort of sad, but the longer we stayed there and saw how awesome these cats were, the more we considered bringing Ivan and Katrina home two friends. I still don’t know… if someone said I had to double the number of cats I own, right now, I would take those two, definitely. But… four cats is quite a lot, and our house isn’t all that big, and really Ivan and Katrina have just gotten used to me and GG finally, so I’d hate to destroy their world again so soon.

When we got home, I took off the sweater I’d been wearing (that was covered with Jerry’s fur) and put it on the floor for the cats to smell. Katrina kind of sniffed at it, but Ivan was all over it, sniffing and giving me concerned looks, like, “Are these cats here?!”

I don’t know, as awesome as they are, I don’t think we should get two more cats, at least night right now. Also, even though their current owners say they don’t have the time for cats and don’t feel like they’re giving them enough attention, they do seem happy there, and last night they sure were getting attention from everyone. So I would feel kind of bad taking someone else’s pets.

Google Haiku

I entered Lodestone‘s Google haiku contest and, according to their latest podcast, was close to winning! The winning entry was more ironic than mine, though. If they ever have another contest, I’ll try to include more irony.

I blame all my headaches on work

GG ended up not getting that car on Tuesday. But… he may be picking it up tonight! (Turns out he had to do a lot more than he’d thought he would to get loans and stuff. He actually ended up taking a home equity loan.)

Nothing else new, really. Yesterday was a pretty crazy day at work. There are two days each month when I have to do all this data entry of training records (a job that I will hopefully be transitioning to someone else soon), and since new training was issued since the last time I’d done it, there were way more records than usual. So normally this job takes me a morning to do, but yesterday it took all day, plus I kept getting interrupted with stuff to work on for the new department website we’re going to launch soon! …It was just a frustrating day.

By the way, it has been so nice having this MP3 player at work! For the past couple days I’ve had it randomly playing all the songs that are on it, and I got to hear a lot of stuff I haven’t listened to in years.

And speaking of music, let me just say, after band practice last night, the 1812 Overature… ugh. I’m sure this will be a great concert in May, but I’m still not feeling that one.

“Kiss my big black Aztek”

GG and I ended up having a pretty nice long weekend, although it got a little hectic towards the end. On Sunday night we went to a birthday party for the singer in his band. It was in a banquet hall kind of room with a bar that was in the basement of an Elks lodge, and it was freezing! They had a kind of blues cover band play, which was pretty cool. We left there around 8:30 and went home for our usual Sunday TV shows: Family Guy, American Dad, and Intervention. We also watched something on TLC about steroids, called “The Man Whose Arms Exploded.” I love the sensationalist titles TLC comes up with for its shows, like “The Girl Without a Face,” or “Face-Eating Tumor.” Awesome.

We’d been talking about doing something on Monday like going to New Hope, since we both had the day off, but it was cold and we’re lazy, so we didn’t really do anything. I convinced GG to do some errands with me, including buying supplies to make baby blankets. When we got home, I whipped up two blankets, which are now for sale in my etsy shop. As you may know, I hate children and their associated accessories, but since my scarves aren’t really selling (even though they are awesome), D suggested that I make baby blankets. To make them a little different, I added hugging arms to them. You have to see, they are very cute. Depending on how they do, I might make others with ears or tails.

This may be the end of an era. GG went to the Pontiac dealer last night when he realized the warranty on his car was going to be up in less than 100 miles. He’d been trying to work out a deal to trade in his car anyway, and I think last night he was finally convinced to get a new car, rather than throw another $2,000 into his current one for the warranty. So… last night may have been my last time riding in the “big black Aztek.” They had a silver 2005 Vibe there that would be perfect for GG, and much better on gas, too. We shall see what he drives home tonight…