“Psycho Killer, sommelier…”

It was so hot yesterday, I was such a grump to GG when he finally got home at like 3:30. I felt bad, because I hadn’t seen him for a couple days, but it was just too hot to be nice. We went to the Acme and did a pretty good food shop, then when we got home I made us this really awesome parmesan chicken. (My recommendation – it tasted a little salty. The recipe includes salt and garlic salt, so maybe leave the regular salt out.)

Today is supposed to be 105 degrees with the heat index, but at least since GG is home again, he can make sure the temperature is somewhat regulated for the kitties in the house. I feel so bad for them … but they do have their little methods for keeping cool.

I had a really strange dream last night. Some Indian women were putting on a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, except they got rid of the part of Judas and split up his lines among a few of the other characters..? At the last minute, they asked me to be in the show and I agreed, since I have the soundtrack and know the words to the songs. They were going to let me just show up the night of the show, but I asked if I shouldn’t maybe show up to a rehearsal first? I guess they agreed… then one of the women wanted to take me out to buy perfume, but it was just a big bottle of scentless alcohol. While we were shopping, something came up about someone who does song parodies or something, and they did Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads, except they changed the lyric from “Psycho Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est” to “Psycho Killer, sommelier.” Weird.

I’ve got a bunch of boring work to do today, but luckily I’ve got the MP3 player, so that makes the time go faster. It’s got a neat feature that plays ten “Rarely Heard” songs, so I just keep doing that over and over, and I get a really good mix of stuff to listen to.

Woo, two weeks until vacation..!

Trader Joe’s Instant Oatmeal

Every morning at work (per D‘s suggestion, I think?), I make myself a packet of instant oatmeal so a) my stomach doesn’t growl embarrassingly at a meeting, and b) I’m not so ravenous when we go to lunch. Usually I get a box of whatever instant stuff is on sale at Acme that week. Today, though, I opened a fresh box of packets from Trader Joe’s. Their 8-pack was only $2.99, and I happened to be there and didn’t go to Acme at all, so whatever.

Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal tastes like paper and looks like the slop Victorian orphans were fed. I like my oatmeal thick, but I used a lot of water in this batch and it was still so thick and pasty, and some sections were still dry!

Sorry, I love Trader Joe’s, but their oatmeal definitely gets a thumbs down..! (Now… who can I give the rest of this box to?)

Mid-Week Review

I’m so so so so busy at work lately! There’s a huge project I’ve been working on seemingly forever, that was supposed to be done by the end of January… then by the end of March… then by this Friday… then by ???… It’s just turning into more and more work, and I’ve been extremely busy. Plus, we’re busy busy getting ready for the band party in June. I just had to print up a million kajillion invitations and reply cards last weekend (and my printer was not very happy with me). Plus, I’m supposedly making all these illustrations of funny band moments..?

We got a little more news about Jen’s baby. Her name is Katelyn, which I like – it’s not too off-the-wall, and she could go by Kate if she wants. She was born one hour before the premature-ness cut-off, which is why she had to stay in the hospital for a couple extra days, but she’s healthy. Jen sent us a few photos of her, and she’s very cute. Her big sister, Emily, looks thoroughly confused sitting next to the baby.

I made a delicious wrap for dinner last night that I felt like sharing: on a whole-wheat flatbread, I spread Caesar dressing from Trader Joe’s. Then I piled on romaine lettuce, strips of roasted red pepper, and toasted pine nuts. It was so good, I’m still thinking about it this morning! (I forget the brand of the flatbread, we got a big pack of it at Costco, but it tastes just like Cheerios!)

And finally, just so I can file this post under as many categories as possible, the cats were making out on our bed Monday night. GG woke me up in the middle of the night to watch, after their loud licking noises woke him up. They were both ferociously licking each other’s faces and mouths. It was weird but so funny! Then yesterday, GG called me at work and reminded me of it (I guess I’d forgotten since I was half asleep at the time), and I was laughing so hard I was crying!

LolaBlog note: I’ve (finally!) added a little list of upcoming events to the sidebar. For my reference as much as yours.

Creamy Nutella Goodness

I went out to lunch today with one of my co-workers from my old department. This was the first time I’d seen her since Christmastime! We’d been planning to go out to lunch together in January, and we kept having to reschedule because we were both so busy, but we finally got to go today. We went to this diner that opened nearby several months ago. It was my first time there, and it was pretty good. She told me she and her family are moving back to this area (they’ve been living with her mother, over an hour north of here, for a couple years), which is awesome because maybe I’ll be able to do some things with her outside of work!

Tonight is my “night off,” I guess, but really it’s my night to get a lot of stuff done, because I’m free and GG has band practice. I’d like to sew a couple things, redo some item photos in my etsy store, and maybe paint my nails. And make Nutella mousse!!

Recipe (from Trader Joe’s)


  • 1 container Nutella
  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream

Whip cream. Fold in Nutella. Pass out from creamy Nutella goodness.

You can also halve this recipe (1/2 pint cream, half a container of Nutella) if, like me, you want to save some Nutella for separate snacking.

Check out the cute mice that D is selling!! There might be a treat in the mail for Ivan and Katrina soon…

Cactus Pear Gelato = Crazy Delicious!

GG’s set went great last night! The way this club works is, the comedians sign up a couple hours before the show, and then about half an hour before the show they put out a final list of who’s performing, what order, and how many minutes they each get. GG ended up going 16th (out of 21 comics), which is really good! He was also probably the first one to really get solid laughs throughout his entire set. He told some jokes he’d used before, because he was practicing for tomorrow night, but he also had a couple new ones, with a lot of success. I met a bunch of his comedian friends, too, so hopefully I’ll be able to remember faces with names when he talks about them.

We went to this crazy gelato place for dessert before the show. They had flavors like tahini, basil, blood orange, burnt sugar… I ended up with avocado and cactus pear (both delicious). GG got basil, coconut, and one other one that I forget. And they were very eager to give out samples, so we got to try a lot more. It was a cool place… and I would tell you the name if I could remember it.

A Blip from Work

I was trapped in a teleconference until 12:30. My ear was so hot by the time that was all over!

Luckily, that means the rest of the afternoon should go by pretty quickly, since we didn’t go to lunch until later than normal. Jess waited for me to go, which was nice of her. I was looking forward to the Baked Potato Bar they were offering (basically, a $5 potato with assorted topppings), but we both ended up getting some sort of spinach and chicken salad.

Because I now have to title and categorize my posts, I’m starting to re-think whether or not I want to write little blip posts like this.

Taxes and Dumplings

I went out yesterday morning, bought a copy of TurboTax, got all my taxes done, and dropped everything in the mail this morning! It was definitely worth the cost of the software – it made everything really easy.

When we went food shopping on Saturday, we got supplies to make my pork dumplings! My grandmother was cleaning out her kitchen last week, and gave me a little dumpling folding device, so that inspired me. I fried them all up last night, and GG and I had most of them for dinner – the rest he’ll probably take to work today for lunch. They are so good (really, try the recipe!), but you have to be careful about the oil splattering. I got splashed near my eye (I’m okay) – maybe next time I’ll wear goggles.