“You want me, baby, I dare you, try and tear me down”

OMG, I updated my WordPress theme! I have been wanting to change it for a long time, but never got around to it (see also: the frequency with which I update this blog!). Lots has changed in the last 8.5 (OMG!!) years – it’s way easier now to install and customize a theme. Why did I wait so long?!

While I’m in an updating mood, let me tell you what’s been going on lately. I had my band concert at the beginning of the month. It was fine. Usually there is at least one piece that I’m really excited to play, and even if I don’t like all our selections at the beginning of the season, several more will grow on me. However, that never happened this spring. So I guess it went well, I just didn’t particularly care :o/ Afterward, GG and I took my grandmom out for dinner, which also counted as her Mother’s Day celebration, because I couldn’t coordinate a time with her and my mom to celebrate.

The following weekend, GG and I were supposed to go to this bacon festival, but it’s been postponed until October! (Based on feedback about another bacon festival that took place the weekend before, it sounded like that was a good idea, so they could have enough time to better organize the event.) Then it turned out that my brother was going to be in town on Mother’s Day, so I did end up seeing my grandmom, and my mom, when we all got together for hoagies.

The weekend after that was opening day for our local farmer’s market, plus it was the day of the compost bin and rain barrel sale for our county, so I went with GG and finally got my compost bin (I’ve wanted one for a few years, but was never able to go to the sale)! And we hit up the farmer’s market and checked out some new vendors. On Sunday, MB and I went to New York to see “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” with Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway! She called me after her birthday party to tell me that some of her coworkers had given her a pair of tickets, and I started telling her about the show and what a great time she and A would have. Then she was like, “Actually, he doesn’t want to go… so do you want to go with me?” Um, yes! Besides the craziest blister I’ve ever gotten, we had an awesome day! The weather was perfect, we picked up some gourmet macarons before the show, the show was amazing, we got dinner afterward at a neat Belgian restaurant, and everything worked out with getting the train to and from NYC. Loved hanging out with my chicklet for the day!

So now we’re coming up to the end of May already, which I can’t believe! My goals for Memorial Day weekend are to put my office back together (I’m reorganizing after getting a new desk and rearranging the furniture a little, but I think it’s going to take a little longer than I intended…) and finish some freelance design work (which might also take longer than intended, because I am missing a key piece of info from my client, who is now on vacation). Other than that, I am just relaxing, because June is going to be crazy!


I’ve really got to cut it out with these monthly posts. Oh well, here’s my recap of April.

I think this month really kicked off what is going to be another busy spring/summer. GG was away for A WEEK AND A HALF* visiting his friends in Kentucky, so I was on my own for a little while. I kept myself busy, though. For example, my work friend J came with me to a sex toy party (!). That was an interesting night! The next weekend I went to a Ruby Ribbon party. My side-job director is now a Ruby Ribbon consultant, and I liked it so much, I booked my own party for May!

Also while GG was away, I had a massive cold. I was coughing and blowing stuff out of my nose that I’ve never seen before. The worst of it was over in about a week, but I am only just now getting over the cough. I stayed home from the gym for almost two weeks because I couldn’t do anything without causing a coughing fit, but I’m trying to get back on schedule.

The Saturday before Easter, GG and I went to NJ for MB’s big 30th birthday bash! I think the party she was planning for herself kind of grew out of control, but it was awesome! She rented a historic house in this pretty park, there was a catered dinner, GG and her husband and a couple other friends had formed a band and performed two sets, and everyone had a great time! Love my chicklet!

The next day, my family went out for a late Easter brunch, which was really nice. We went to a restaurant near my grandmother’s house, where we had gone for Easter a couple years ago. It’s so good, and much more affordable (and less stuff/formal) than the hotel where we used to go. Then… it turned out GG’s parents were home and making Easter dinner (we’d thought they would be away all weekend), so we headed over there afterward and ate some more!

The following week, GG and I headed down to DC for the USA Science and Engineering Festival. TMBG were performing there, which was my main draw, and originally we were going to meet up with my coworker M and his family for the day. However, he had to cancel, so I suggested to GG that he call his friend E and see if he and his wife K were around maybe to meet up for dinner. They were! So we had dinner with them on Friday and… surprise, K is pregnant! Like, seven months pregnant! We had a really nice dinner and then walked around Old Town Alexandria – luckily, the torrential rain had ended by then, it’s a really cute place. It turned out that E was volunteering at the SciFest the next day, so the following morning, GG and I got breakfast at a farmer’s market near E and K’s place, then went to their house and drove into the city with E.

The event itself was really neat, but so big it was almost overwhelming! We did end up seeing quite a lot. The booths were mostly “meh,” but some of the presentations were neat. We saw a talk about precision medicine and genomic testing/sequencing (when they opened up for audience questions, GG went first and asked if they were worried about a Gattaca-like situation). We skipped the TMBG kids’ show because, you know, kids’ show. We did try to catch Bill Nye, who came on right after TMBG’s first show, but he probably drew the biggest crowds of the day, and we were far away. He gave a neat presentation, though – including a mention of LASER BEES! Since the crowds were so crazy, we decided we should just stay put or try to move closer to the stage during the next speaker, which was Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. I wasn’t especially interested in seeing him, but actually he gave a really funny, interesting talk about how Dirty Jobs got started, his upcoming new show (“Someone’s Gotta Do It”), and of course the benefits of learning a trade. Finally, it was time for the adult TMBG show. It was brief, but it restored my faith in TMBG’s fans! (Remember after that last show a few years ago, I thought maybe we wouldn’t be seeing them live anymore?) They performed a lot of good songs, including Spiraling Shape, and You’re On Fire, which I hadn’t seen live yet!

When we got back home, we went to check out another community band’s concert. I felt like a spy! It was good practice for my own upcoming concert… We’re in the very busy week leading up to our show…

* I have to write that in all caps every time I mention it because it was such a ridiculous amount of time.


March started out with a short business trip to CT for a few days. I drove up and back with two of my good friends and coworkers, which was a lot of fun. We were there for our annual all-hands departmental meeting, and it was the most fun one of these we’ve ever had. As of last year, we have an “engagement team” and they organized the meeting and other activities, and everyone seemed to have a really good time. And of course, it was great to see a lot of my coworkers who I don’t often get to see in person.

We got home just in time for our learning event to start, so I was busy for a couple weeks helping out with that. Our contractor C was in town for the first week, so I was out to dinner with her most evenings. And she’s getting married this summer, so we decided to throw her a little wedding shower while she was in the office, which was really fun, and she was totally surprised :o)

My other big work thing was that a major system we use was getting upgraded, and I am on the “change agent” team for my department. That ended up taking over my life for a couple weeks as I did demos (for individuals, small groups, and hundreds of people!), prepared, answered questions, rewrote procedures, etc. I will be so happy when everything is up and running! I got lots of great feedback about my work on the team, though. This is one of the first really “high visibility” things I’ve done, so I’m glad it’s gone so well.

Lots of new places are opening up in our town. MB came out and we went to the new Container Store on its opening day. It was actually kind of disappointing – very crowded (as I’d expected), the products were fairly expensive for things that weren’t really that unique, and there wasn’t really anything special going on for the “grand opening.” We had a fun day hanging out, though! And the new Chipotle is finally open! It’s in a horrible location with almost no parking, so it’ll probably start to frustrate me, but it’s nice to have somewhere that I can get a burrito bowl without having to cross a river.

Also this month:

  • New coworker started (who is also a friend and old coworker’s husband!)
  • I had probably the best annual review of my life at work, and am really excited to see what this year will bring
  • Continued going to yoga; these last couple weeks especially I feel like I’m finally getting the moves down and can now focus on breathing
  • GG and I went to a wine and cheese party, scoped out a friend’s new girlfriend (to report back to his mom), and made some other new friends
  • GG got a mural job at another local business
  • GG’s computer died :o(
  • I got a new computer to replace my current XP tower that I’ll have to take offline soon, as well as my “fun” laptop; it’s been getting to be a pain working off two computers, so I figured a laptop + docking station was a good solution. Now to redo my office!


So what else did I do this month, besides trying on clothes and putting cats to sleep?

Well, the month (and year) started out awkwardly, at a really weird New Year’s Eve party at which GG was supposed to perform comedy. It was a “black and white” party, so we had to dress in just black and white (I cheated and wore gray boots). The event promoter who organized it did kind of a terrible job, so while it was a beautiful venue with lots of food, a bar, a band, and comedians at the ready, nobody actually showed up until about 11 PM, when just a few people started trickling in. We thought we’d be done well before midnight, so after waiting around for hours, all of a sudden it was time to hurry up and tell jokes (which did not go well), and then we took the other comedian home, and then it was midnight, and then we went home.

As has become our annual tradition, GG and I took a day off work and went to the Farm Show in Harrisburg with our friends L and S. We hit up the food hall first for an invigorating morning milkshake, then toured around the whole complex (we even found a new spot we hadn’t known about before, which was full of vendors!), then went back to the food hall for lunch before heading out. I think we ended up buying more “stuff” this year than we have in the past – GG got some wine, I bought some cheese, GG has these meat sticks and things he likes and has to pick up every year now, they’re now selling nuts so GG got a big bag of black walnuts, I bought some kind of hair accessory… Oh, and the new hot item of the show this year, the bacon? I was a little disappointed.

I got a bad cold (my first one in over a year, maybe?) just in time for this all-day training thing I had to be in at work. I just chugged tea all day and was miserable. I just couldn’t shake it, but luckily we also had plenty of snow days from work so I could get some extra recovery time at home.

I started going to a yoga class that I really like. It’s like regular yoga, except sometimes we hold hand weights.

American Horror Story ended, meh. I mean, I guess the right people lived and died, so that’s good. But it was barely “horror,” and there was nothing really that shocking. I hear the next series will be about communism in the 1950s, so I’m curious to see how that goes. I also binge watched the first two seasons of Girls one weekend while I was sick, and we have HBO for free until April for some reason, so I’ve been watching season 3 as it’s airing now.

“It’s a special night of anticipation, the moonbeams strong on the old band shell”

Christmas seems to have suddenly attacked! The first week of December I had a cookie bake-off at work (which I organized, and which got rave reviews!), and then that Friday was my annual Christmas shopping day with MB and L. This year was a little different, because I actually started my Christmas shopping really early (like, back in July) and picked things up as I saw stuff that would make good gifts. Much of the rest I’d taken care of online. But I still had a couple things I wanted to look for, and of course it’s just nice to spend a day with a couple of my good friends. We ended up hitting the Philadelphia Premium Outlets, Ikea, and the KoP Mall, followed by an early dinner at Seasons 52 before we all crashed. (And I didn’t even have an hour+ drive home, unlike the other two!)

Last week featured what I’ve been calling the “mandatory party” at work (hastily organized by our department across multiple sites, due to jealousy over our successful cookie bake-off); it wasn’t actually so bad. There was a good turn-out and people brought good snacks and we played some word games. We were scheduled to have our first two concerts of the holiday season, but the first was cancelled due to snow and ice, so we just had one, which went well.

On Friday, I hosted what is probably the best party I have ever thrown or will ever throw. From the beginning, it promised to be good: guests were invited to bring a dip for a “battle of the dips” (I provided chips, veggies, and other dippers); we had a “photo booth” area set up with a backdrop, hats, signs, props, and a camera on a tripod; but what nobody knew was that I’d scheduled a special performer. Tons of people were canceling on us at the last minute, and all I could think was, “You’re going to be really sorry when you see that you missed a clown!” I’m not sure exactly where this idea came from, I was talking to a coworker about wanting to do something special for our party, and somehow came away with the idea of hiring a clown. I got bids from a couple performers, and ended up going with this company that books all different performers, so I didn’t know exactly what I was going to get. The party was going great, everyone had been there for an hour or two, when there was a knock at the door. GG knew he was on door-answering/coat-taking duty, so he opened the door. If nobody else had come to the party, I really just wanted to see the look on his face when he saw the clown. He did not disappoint! He turned to me and asked, “Um, did you hire a clown?!” Yes! The clown wasn’t really decked out in a full clown outfit, which was slightly disappointing. Also, she was there to make balloon animals, and the only shape she could make was a dog. If I’d hired her for an actual kids’ birthday party, I might have been upset that she couldn’t do all the shapes and things, but as it was, it kind of added to the silliness of it! First person asked for a dog: easy. I asked for a cat: also a dog. B asked for a T-rex: it’s a dog! S asked for a giraffe: a dog with an extra-long tail (yes, tail)! It was a super fun night, and I think everyone had a great time! I don’t know how I’m ever going to top that. Oh, and the winning dips were MB’s Bacon Jam, JB’s Baked Brie, and JH’s Cookie Dough Dip (which I will be making for myself soon)!

After all that excitement, GG and I had planned to go to New York for the day the following day, but the gross weather scrapped those plans – and I’m glad we stayed home, because I was beat! This week, we have more holiday concerts, parties for band and work, a pre-holiday family dinner, and GG and I are seeing a live performance of David Sedaris’ “The SantaLand Diaries.” In addition to all that fun, I now also have cat stuff to deal with: despite getting her appetite back and not throwing up all the time, Katrina has continued to lose weight. I had her back at the vet today, and they examined her and found a mass in her abdomen that wasn’t there a couple months ago. Apparently, tumors and things can grow faster in cats than they do in humans. It could be an enlarged organ or something, but to make sure, she’s going for a kitty ultrasound later this week :o( I don’t know what we’re going to do, I guess we’ll see what we find out. Send good thoughts for my little girl this week.

“I really, really want to thank you, for dancing ’til the end”

As is usually the case around this time of year, things got very busy, very quickly. At the beginning of the month, we had some lingering Halloween activities and our friend S’s book release party. Then it was GG’s brother’s birthday. Then I had my band concert, which, although I’m no longer on the board, still consumes a lot of my time between rehearsals and my design and printing work. (Although this concert program was one of my least favorites and felt really slapped together, I got tons of compliments on it, and our director said people asked him who is their graphic designer!)

I got tied up in organizing a chili potluck lunch at work, which turned out to be a big success! (Believe it or not, it’s tough just to convince people to come into the office.) It went so well, I’m organizing a cookie bake-off next month. We’ve also continued our virtual book club at work. We’ve read a few books together, with varying degrees of success. We’re kind of on hiatus now until the new year.

Ivan had a little scare with the vet – just like his sister did a couple months ago, he started throwing up every meal and eventually didn’t even try to eat. I took him to the vet and they x-rayed him to make sure there wasn’t any blockage (there wasn’t), so they just wanted me to keep him separate and make sure he pooped to confirm he’s ok. Well, he started eating fine, but being stubborn, refused to poop. I had to give him kitty laxatives (from the vet) to get him going. He’s fine now, but meanwhile, while he was incarcerated, Katrina started throwing up all her food again. Everyone seems pretty stable now, but I’ve been giving Katrina some high-calorie additive stuff since she seems to have lost so much weight. Hope all my babies are ok :o(

I did a couple things with my side job, but that’s been pretty slow lately, which actually is fine with me. I originally had intended to just do this as a casual thing, and then it kind of took off so I rode the wave, but the wave seems to have crashed and I’m actually fine with that.

By the end of the month, we will have had three Thanksgiving dinners: one with my family (which was actually probably the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever eaten, we all brought something, and everyone got along and we all sat around and talked for a long time and it was really nice), one with GG’s family (also fine, though it turned into a late night drinking and music blasting session until I decided it was time to drive GG home), and a “friends Thanksgiving” with MB and A. I did not do any Black Friday shopping, but I did get a really good deal on something for GG in a pre-Thanksgiving sale. I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping, and I still have my big shopping day with MB and L coming up in the beginning of December, so I think I’m in a good spot. I started collecting things early, just picking things up as I saw them.

We’re also still meeting with our trainer. It’s been a couple months since we started, and while I haven’t actually lost a pound, I feel less fat, which is fine with me! If nothing else, doing this has increased my confidence in my athletic abilities. My whole life I dreaded gym class, organized sports, and any kind of public physical activity, but I’ve learned that I’m actually not as inept as I thought. I’ll probably sign up for an actual gym at some point, and I don’t think I’ll be as self-conscious as I might have been had I not had this experience. We signed up for 10 weeks (due to a scheduling error on our trainer’s part, plus our free intro session, we are actually getting 12), and that will take us into December, so we’ll see how it goes and how we carry on after this.


Things that happened this month:

  • GG and I went to the Ren Faire with L and S. After a couple chilly days, it was suddenly hot and humid again, but otherwise a really nice day. We got there when it opened (J met us with discount tickets!), and easily stayed almost until closing time. Favorite events were the acrobats, magician (who GG met later as a wandering minstrel, and filmed a music video), Circa Paleo, and of course the Falconer, the coolest guy working at the Ren Faire.

  • I got a bad cold which knocked me out for close to a week, but I was kind of overdue since I don’t think I got sick at all last year. And it allowed me to skip band practice and be home to watch the American Horror Story premier. (We’ve since been DVRing the episodes and catching up when I get home from band, or the next day, depending on how late it is.)
  • We went to a Philly Food Fest thing, discovered a couple cool new products like dukkah and Jin-Ja, and aate a lot of samples. It was a fun way to spend a couple hours, though I always get kind of sad for the people at events like this who are eagerly starting a business and really pushing their products on people. (I always try not to be like that at my own vendor events.)
  • We went out for kind of spur-of-the-moment dinners at a sushi place we like and the Melting Pot, just because we can. I also made us a nice dinner at home one night featuring olives, cheese, bread, olive oil, and charcuterie (as one of my friends said, “Very Euro!”). And we visited the new Shake Shack in town on their opening day!

  • I was very pleased with the outcome of Project Runway – I totally called it for Dom after the bowtie challenge, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s from Philly :o)
  • We killed two birds with one stone and took at overnight trip to Lancaster. Friday night was GG’s debut performance at a comedy club out there, and a few of our friends were able to come out and see the show! We went out to Denny’s for a snack afterward.

    We spent the night there, and then Saturday was spent at my alma matter for Homecoming. I had a fun day with friends and had a great time reminiscing about college and seeing all the changes that have happened in the last ten years! The recently remodeled library is now open, and since L and S used to work there (that’s where they met!), we got to go on a tour. We also talked our way into some of the new dorm rooms to see how the kids are living these days (they get their own bathrooms! not to mention carpet and air conditioning! spoiled!). And I got a new MU sweatshirt :o) The nicest thing was that, since we’d spent the night before out there, I hadn’t had to get up insanely early to drive there in time for the parade. So I wasn’t overtired by the end of the afternoon, and was even able to drive us home without requiring caffeine (can’t say the same for GG, though, he slept most of the way ;o) )

  • I got a copy of Janelle Monae‘s “Electric Lady” (her performance on SNL reminded me that it had been released!), and while I was at it, went back and got “Metropolis,” too. The first track of “Metropolis” explains everything. I kind of had a handle on the story, but if I’d just heard that in the first place, it would have all made so much more sense! Anyway, “Electric Lady” is another great album, though more laid back, for the most part, than “ArchAndroid.”
  • Stay tuned for a post on what we did for Halloween night!

“Dance with me, darling, we haven’t danced since I don’t know when”

After eight years with this blog (and possibly longer than that), I could not let a month go by without blogging at all. I blame social media on my blogging laziness – it’s so much easier to jot down a tweet, snap a photo on Instagram, or post something on Facebook, than to write up an actual blog post. I’m sure that’s the case for most of my old blogger friends. I’m friends with many of them on Facebook or other social media at this point, but they pretty much never actually blog anymore. Oh well, I will try to keep things going. In the last month, I…

  • Went to see GG perform in a musical about pot, produced and performed by a bunch of potheads, that was part of the Philly Fringe Festival. (You know it’s bad when GG is the responsible one in the group who’s trying to keep everyone on track!)
  • Also went to see Bat Boy: The Musical as part of Philly Fringe. I’ve seen the show several times now (including the original cast in NYC), and this was probably my favorite production of it. We’d planned to get a nice dinner first but due to traffic, we had almost no time before the show, so we grabbed a couple burgers at Shake Shack and wolfed them down in time to get to the theater.
  • Did a couple events for my side job. They were successful, but in general things seem to have slowed down quite a bit.
  • Celebrated my birthday by going out with my friends at work for a free Red Robin burger at lunch, and then with GG for a surprise dinner at Amada!
  • Spent a nice Saturday with MB and A and my favorite baby. We all went to a historic house for Museum Day, then got lunch at one of their favorite pizza places, then hung out while GG and A played guitar, and had dinner.
  • Took Yellow Belt training at work and will soon (finally!) be YB certified!
  • Started meeting weekly with a trainer with GG. Not that we’re totally inactive, but neither of us is really athletic and we don’t specifically “work out,” so it’s a change for us. In between sessions, we’re trying to go for walks and do some of the exercises he’s showing us on our own.

“I know that I’m in danger when I think about it, let’s think about it”

It’s been a busy end of summer!

  • Finished my summer concert series.
  • Thought my dishwasher was broken but really there was just a part stuck so it wasn’t filling with water (the guy didn’t even charge me to un-stick it).
  • Flew on an airplane for the first time since 2000, and flew by myself for the first time ever.
  • Spent three days at an awesome conference… The best part was networking and meeting other people, and luckily the place was so overcrowded that I could meet people everywhere! A lot of people seemed to stick together in groups but I spent a whole day pretty much on my own because I got separated from the other girls I was with, and it was actually so great to be free to meet other people! Came home totally inspired and ready to get to work!

    Photos cannot express how huge and crowded this event was.
  • But… We decided to leave a day earlier than planned and drive through the night, so my first day home was spent sleeping!
  • Had some great parties and built my team (I will promote to the next title this month)!
  • Developed a bit of an obsession with nail stamping. I’ve started a blog to document my creations, but not really sharing it because while the nails look great, my cuticles are always such a mess, nobody wants to see that…
  • After catching them on the Late Late Show, we went to see the Bad Rabbits perform… If nothing else, this taught me that I should not be trying to stay out past 10 PM. I was bad at it at 21, and I’m definitely worse at 31!

  • My department moved to a new building at work; I’d spent 8 years of sitting on the same building/floor (minus a couple months when I was exiled after our merger). It’s all on the same campus, but the vibe in our new location is very different; it’s an adjustment for all of us. The first week we were here, I suggested we have an hour where nobody complained about the new location. It worked in that there were no complaints, but basically nobody said anything for an hour :o)
  • Got through yet another regulatory inspection at work (the European version of the one we had in May/June), but not without panicked weekend report-running.
  • Took GG out for a nice dinner to celebrate his birthday. Of course, he guessed where we were going well in advance, and I wanted to keep it a surprise, so I blindfolded him and drove him around for 45 minutes before we got to the Capital Grille, which is more like 5 minutes from our house. He was totally confused, excellent :o)

“You must’ve got one of them combustible heads”

I couldn’t let a full month go by without an update, that would be redonkulous. The thing is, most of the people I care about who read this blog (or used to read it), I’m friends with on Facebook, or at least Twitter, and that’s how we keep up with each others’ lives now. It’s kind of the lazy way out, but it’s much easier to dash off a tweet than to compose a whole blog post.

Awesome things I’ve done lately:

  • Went to a wedding for people I’d never met before
  • More parties!
  • Hosted an open house (besides the other girls doing it with me, guests were my mom, grandmom, and a friend from band – but we all had fun!)
  • Watched The Office series finale (ok, that one is not awesome … it was very good though – I cried watching it, then watched again and cried again)
  • Watched the SNL finale (may have also cried at Stefon’s wedding)
  • Saw my chicklet and her chicklet for their birthdays (thank you, MB, for having your child so conveniently close to your own birthday)
  • Became BFFs with this little girl on Bring Your Kid to Work Day after I showed her how to photocopy her hand in an attempt to keep her quiet in the office

  • Played in a semi-Mexican themed band concert riddled with cringe-inducing unintentional cultural insensitivities and many awkward moments

  • Had the very unique and special opportunity to test drive a Tesla!

  • Took my grandmom to see The Great Gatsby, after explaining that rap music today is like jazz was in the 20s (My review: if you are a Baz Luhrmann fan, you will love it. The story was pretty much tailor-made for him to tell anyway – for example, Luhrmann uses a billboard in his films [L’Amour in both Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, I believe], and in Gatsby he uses the Dr. T.J. Eckelburg billboard. I think the music was also very tastefully done, as with Moulin Rouge and R+J, it just made it easier for a modern audience to relate to the period piece, by using familiar music. And it’s not all Jay-Z. I loved the use of Rhapsody in Blue, that whole sequence was perfect.)
  • Spent a long weekend as an ice cream widow, to be followed by a week of craziness at work… and then besides a day here or there, I really have zero free time until August!
  • As usually happens over Memorial Day weekend, immersed myself in a new band or TV show – this year it was Arrested Development (and now I’m ticked I don’t have Netflix so can’t watch the new season)