Borat: “It’s very nice!”

On Friday night, GG and I went out to see Borat with Julie, Brad, and Ed. I was a little worried that with the way the movie was being over-hyped, it would end up not really being funny. But it was excellent! If you’re a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen, Da Ali G Show, or just exposing ignorance in general, I highly recommend it. (Oh, and guess what’s next.)

After the movie, we walked over to Max & Erma’s for some drinks and snacks. I had some sangria and got a little loopy, but it was okay. We stayed there until the place closed, at midnight. It was such a fun night! By the time we went home, my throat hurt from laughing so much.

Yesterday was pretty unproductive. I did scrub down the bathroom prety well and put up a new shower curtain liner – our old one claimed it would not mildew, but guess what! It did! So, new liner. And I did laundry. But what I really needed to do is make the concert program for next week’s band concert, and I barely got started on that, so I need to stop procrastinating now and get it done!


As you may have noticed, the site was down again for the past few days. Apparently, my old host moved my service to another company without telling me, and the whole site got totally messed up. I decided I finally gave up on them after all the downtime, data loss, and aggrivation, and switched hosts. Thank you to TJ for all your help figuring out how I could restore the blog! I only ended up losing about a week’s worth of posts, and comments for maybe the last month. Not too bad…

And a quick recap: Last Friday, GG and I went out with Jess and Rob and Julie and Brad for dinner and a movie (Little Miss Sunshine – excellent!). I’d wanted to go to Crystal Cave, to take advantage of my last half-day of the year, but it was too rainy. Saturday we did some errands. Sunday… I don’t think we did anything? Monday we went out and did shopping! and I got shoes (for me and GG) and a bunch of sweaters at Target for some reason, but I wore one today and got lots of compliments so go me!

Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow … but I’ve been up all night for the past two nights getting this website back in order…


Haven’t written in a few days, I guess the internet must be wondering what happened to me.

After work on Friday, I was going to drive Jess home so she could walk to a train station to go pick up her car that was having some work done. Well, it turned into me, Jess, and GG going out to lunch, then getting ice cream, then coming back to my house to look up the train schedule, then driving her to the Conshohocken train station (because it’s one stop closer for her than the Norristown station, although more confusing for me to get to), then taking Ivan to the vet, then coming home so Jess could pick up her stuff she left at our place. (I guess I need to learn the stops on the R6 now? It goes to Wilmington! Not that I want to go to Wilmington, but wow, Delaware!)

Ivan is probably healthy, by the way. They did some more check-up/blood tests on him, and his levels are at the high end of normal, but still normal. Also, when he finishes the prescription wet food we have, he’s going to be able to eat regular Iams with his sister! (But they’ll still both eat the prescription dry food.)

GG turned thirty on Saturday!! We went to this Japanese buffet that his brother recommended. We got there right when they opened for dinner, and it was already pretty packed! If I ate seafood, I would’ve been in heaven. I’m sure GG was in heaven. There was tons of sushi and sashimi to choose from, salads (mostly featuring things like octopus pieces and shrimp and whatnot), teriyaki meats, crab legs, a hibachi bar… It was a pretty nice place. Just not worth it for me, personally, because I picked at some tofu sushi and edamame and that was about it. Oh but they also had a dessert bar! With lots of different little cakes, and our favorite, Red Bean ice cream!

Saturday was also our one-year anniversary of having Ivan and Katrina. Mew mew meow!! And, GG registered his website for his business! If I had more PHP skills, I would install WordPress and set it up so he could use that as a CMS. But… I don’t think that’s happening. So I will be his webmaster. Yay! (I probably won’t ever link to it from here, though, because it has his real name and is linked up to our address and all that… so just ask if you’re interested in seeing it… but give me a while so I can put something up there.)

Sunday we were thinking about going to the zoo, but then it was supposed to rain, so instead we just did some errands (got a new soap dispenser for the kitchen!) and hung around the house.

Last night we went to WalMart and we said we wouldn’t buy anything… but then they had these curtains that I’ve been looking for (every time we went, they had them in the wrong size, or the sample was out but the curtains weren’t actually in stock, or something), so I had to get those… and one thing led to another, bla bla bla, another big time WalMart shopping trip! When we got home, I had to hem the curtains because we’ve got those radiators in front of the windows, so I don’t like the curtains hanging down long like they’re supposed to. Oh also, we got this cat brush that combs the under coat (where shedding comes from), and I was very excited to try it on Katrina because lately you can’t even touch her without getting a handful of hair. I’ve brushed her every day for the past three days, and each time you get enough hair to make another cat! This new brush did not disappoint – it definitely pulled out more of the undercoat (you can tell because the fur is softer), and Katrina loooved being brushed – she was chirping and rolling around – but the fur just keeps coming. What else can I do?

GG is leaving today for Chincoteague again. His dad has to come back home for the week to prep for his new job, so they need an extra set of hands down at the ice cream parlour. He’ll be home on Friday, though. And that’s my grandmother’s birthday and we’re all going out to Shady Maple! (Boy, lots of birthday buffets, huh?)

Coming soon: pictures of the new curtains, me and GG dressed up for his birthday dinner (even though we could’ve gone in jeans and t-shirts, it was by no means a fancy place), and more kitty photos!

[Edit – 2:13 PM] Well, Jess and Rob are on vacation this week, and I just got an e-mail from her – they got engaged! [/Edit]


I thought we were going out to lunch today to see Jen, who’s been out on maternity leave for the past month, and her daughters. However, when we got there, there were a lot more people I was expecting, and Julie was like, “Surprise, this is for you!” They threw me a wedding shower! It was all my work friends, and my boss, and my boss’ boss (the only man there). So we had a very nice lunch, and we did get to visit with Jen and her kids, and they even bought some gifts from our registry! (Plus a Target gift card, so we can go back and get whatever people didn’t already give us!) It was very sweet of them, and now of course I will be sending out thank you notes to everyone.

That was a good way to cheer up my sucky day!

Oh plus, GG and his dad got my car running and drove it to NTB, and they replaced the battery, and he’s on his way to get me right now! Yay!


(Sorry in advance to friends of mine who are doing the wedding thing right now or have done it recently: MB, Julia, D, Heather, Lina, et al. No offense is intended – you guys are into this, like most people apparently are, and that’s fine. It just doesn’t make sense to me.)

I’ve watched more than my fair share of TV shows like A Wedding Story and Whose Wedding is it Anyway? After all this, and having experienced a little “wedding boom” in my life over the past couple years, I’ve come to notice that, in general, weddings are all the same. They all contain the same expected components: engagement ring, invitation, shower, gifts, ceremony, dress, bridesmaids, groomsmen, first dance, dinner, cake, honeymoon, name change.

When GG and I decided to get married, there was no engagement ring, much to the disappointment of people who excitedly grab my hand to check it out. There wasn’t even an actual “proposal,” I just mentioned the cool anniversary date we could have, and he agreed that would be a fun idea. There’s no ceremony or reception – we’re just walking over to the courthouse across the street to be married by a judge, in front of our families. (And actually, if we could get away with just going by ourselves, I’d be all for that.) We’re not having a reception, we’ll probably just all go out to lunch. We’re not going on a honeymoon. And I’m not changing my name.

Honestly, I’m glad we’re doing it this way. I’m not a fan of rings, and would be just about terrified to have a diamond attached to my finger, so the no engagement ring thing is perfect. I’d always sort of dreaded my eventual wedding day, because I hate being the center of attention, and couldn’t imagine walking down an aisle with a church full of people staring at me, or performing a first dance (I don’t dance), or doing anything else with everyone watching me. GG, on the other hand, loves attention, so I would also worry about his behavior in front of everyone, because you just know he’d try to do something crazy. I would also hate the stress of having to select guests, and especially having to choose my top few friends to be in the wedding party. And let’s not even get into picking a dress!

In other news, I did make it to New Jersey this weekend for MB’s shower. And it was really nice. I’m glad I got the chance to meet all her family and friends. It was a really impressive party, well-organized, decorated beautifully, and awesome, gourmet food – and it was all prepared and organized by family members! It was fun, and yes there were the requisite wife-themed games (in this case, a match-the-recipe game) and two hours of present opening, and that’s awesome, and MB clearly enjoyed herself (at least, I hope she did). But I just have no desire to have that for myself.


I got a piece of spam e-mail today with the subject “ButtJack.” I didn’t open it, because I just don’t open spam, but ButtJack made me giggle.

GG got an e-mail last night that Ed and Linda’s wedding is off..?! He hasn’t been able to get ahold of Ed or anyone who might have more details… This is pretty shocking! I hope everyone’s okay!

Last night we did Margarita Monday with Julie and her boyfriend Brad. This was the first time I met him – he was really nice. We had a good chat, and stayed in the restaurant until they were closing up. (But they close at 8PM, so it wasn’t super-late or anything.) After dinner, GG and I went to Petsmart as usual to look at the kitties. I bought a new scratching post for Ivan and Katrina, and wonder of wonders, at least Katrina seems interested in it!

We’re getting married in exactly three weeks! Actually, three weeks and two hours from now! OMG!

Mid-Week Review

I’m so so so so busy at work lately! There’s a huge project I’ve been working on seemingly forever, that was supposed to be done by the end of January… then by the end of March… then by this Friday… then by ???… It’s just turning into more and more work, and I’ve been extremely busy. Plus, we’re busy busy getting ready for the band party in June. I just had to print up a million kajillion invitations and reply cards last weekend (and my printer was not very happy with me). Plus, I’m supposedly making all these illustrations of funny band moments..?

We got a little more news about Jen’s baby. Her name is Katelyn, which I like – it’s not too off-the-wall, and she could go by Kate if she wants. She was born one hour before the premature-ness cut-off, which is why she had to stay in the hospital for a couple extra days, but she’s healthy. Jen sent us a few photos of her, and she’s very cute. Her big sister, Emily, looks thoroughly confused sitting next to the baby.

I made a delicious wrap for dinner last night that I felt like sharing: on a whole-wheat flatbread, I spread Caesar dressing from Trader Joe’s. Then I piled on romaine lettuce, strips of roasted red pepper, and toasted pine nuts. It was so good, I’m still thinking about it this morning! (I forget the brand of the flatbread, we got a big pack of it at Costco, but it tastes just like Cheerios!)

And finally, just so I can file this post under as many categories as possible, the cats were making out on our bed Monday night. GG woke me up in the middle of the night to watch, after their loud licking noises woke him up. They were both ferociously licking each other’s faces and mouths. It was weird but so funny! Then yesterday, GG called me at work and reminded me of it (I guess I’d forgotten since I was half asleep at the time), and I was laughing so hard I was crying!

LolaBlog note: I’ve (finally!) added a little list of upcoming events to the sidebar. For my reference as much as yours.


Jen had her baby on Saturday! (She wasn’t due until May.) It’s a girl, that’s all we know so far. I’m sure she’ll call in today with more details.

And her surprise shower at work was supposed to be Wednesday. You ruined our plans, Jen!

[Edit – 1:58 PM] Still no more info on the baby. In other news, Jess was sure her boyfriend would propose to her over the weekend, and he didn’t. (He did, however, ask her father for her permission.) Is it mean of me to be secretly glad that she’s not engaged? They’ve only been dating since October, but their whole relationship has moved so fast, and she’s constantly talking about their marriage and future kids and all that, and I’m just like, “Woah! You’ve only been together for like two weeks! You haven’t even had an argument yet! (And don’t think you won’t fight, because GG and I never really ‘faught’ for years, but eventually it will happen.)” End rant. [/Edit]

Creamy Nutella Goodness

I went out to lunch today with one of my co-workers from my old department. This was the first time I’d seen her since Christmastime! We’d been planning to go out to lunch together in January, and we kept having to reschedule because we were both so busy, but we finally got to go today. We went to this diner that opened nearby several months ago. It was my first time there, and it was pretty good. She told me she and her family are moving back to this area (they’ve been living with her mother, over an hour north of here, for a couple years), which is awesome because maybe I’ll be able to do some things with her outside of work!

Tonight is my “night off,” I guess, but really it’s my night to get a lot of stuff done, because I’m free and GG has band practice. I’d like to sew a couple things, redo some item photos in my etsy store, and maybe paint my nails. And make Nutella mousse!!

Recipe (from Trader Joe’s)


  • 1 container Nutella
  • 1 pint heavy whipping cream

Whip cream. Fold in Nutella. Pass out from creamy Nutella goodness.

You can also halve this recipe (1/2 pint cream, half a container of Nutella) if, like me, you want to save some Nutella for separate snacking.

Check out the cute mice that D is selling!! There might be a treat in the mail for Ivan and Katrina soon…

Back to School… for a Night

Right after work yesterday, I drove out to MU! I’d been concerned about traffic at that time of day, but it was actually awesome and I made it out there in a little under two hours.

First I picked up my brother to take him out to dinner. He wanted to go to Qdoba, which moved to a new location at the mall, which is a little further away from campus than it had been. So we went up there and had burritos, and I got to talk to him a little about school and stuff. (Even though he was home for spring break this past week, I saw him for about two seconds.)

After dropping him back off at his dorm, I went to the area we always used to hang out in at the SMC, to see if there were any other Brothers there. There were! (Plus an initiate.) This pair just got engaged, and they kept saying throughout the night that I was like the first person to congratulate them when they finally announced that they were dating. (They started dating as initiates, but they were in the same pledge class, so it wasn’t so taboo.) And he told me he still wears the scarf I made for him!

Lina, who was visiting from Oklahoma, which is the real reason I went out there last night, was out with Shayna. They came by to pick me up, and we drove to the House of Pizza (aka HoPie) so they could get dinner. Plus we got the dirt on some PSP goings-on. Then we went to the library, where most of this semester’s initiates were at Study Hours. I was about to be interviewed by four at once, which would have been crazy, but then Lina came up (she’d been downstairs talking to her old boss), so two of them interviewed her, and two interviewed me. And I think another initiate is calling me today for an interview or to schedule one.

Around 9:00 we headed over to the meeting, though it didn’t really matter that we were all on time, because the building was locked and we all had to wait out in the cold for the campus police to come open it up. Ah, just like old times. The meeting got started, and bla bla bla, I got to see a few more “older” brothers, and got re-introduced to some of the newer ones. (Another Brother mentioned how she still wears the scarf I made her.) I saw my grand-little! He’s a German major, and told me about how he’s leaving in September for a year in Germany. There were a few awards that were voted on by secret ballot, and alumni Brothers need to count these secret votes, so luckily there were several of us there. This was the first meeting I’ve been to as an alumna, so I was actually looking forward to counting.. haha!

The meeting ended around 11:00, and we kind of got out of there fast. Shayna gave me a ride back to my car, where I said goodbye to her and Lina. Then I had to drive home – I was so tired! I had to call GG at one point and just talk to him so I wouldn’t fall asleep! I got home around 12:30 or 12:45, and went to bed as quickly as I could.

I never ever use the snooze button on my alarm clock, but this morning I did. Just once.